QuickDelete 3.1

Welcome to the QuickDelete web page. We would like to give you a short introduction of what QuickDelete can do, and whether it's the right software for you.

Four years ago, we wrote the first version of QuickDelete. We wanted the software to be capable of deleting e-mails from a POP3 server, without downloading them in advance. There was a great need for this kind of software, since it was very difficult to delete large or damaged e-mails from the server without calling the ISP's support. Technically it was always possible to delete e-mails; one only had to establish a telnet connection to the POP3 server and using standard POP3 commands one could delete any e-mail. Even to day this procedure still requires basic knowledge of the POP3 protocol and terminal software. We programmed QuickDelete 1.0 to give an average Internet user the possibility to delete e-mails from a POP3 server. 

From then on, QuickDelete got more and more friends with more and more wishes. We developed version 2, version 3, and finally the current version 3.1.

These are the new features in the current version 3.1:

  • resizable windows
  • free filter definition
  • sortable e-mail list
  • a new log file
  • optional visible or invisible e-mail header
  • removal of errors (bug fix)
  • new layout / new images
  • check for updates (port 80)
  Last update: 19 June 2003
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